Random career advice

… from someone who has had three careers, at nine companies.

– Your bosses won’t always be right. But do them the courtesy of trying things their way before you attempt to convince them you know better. 

– Everyone says they have great written and verbal communication skills. Show people, don’t tell them. 

– Computer slide presentations aren’t the enemy. Boring content is.

– If you have to give a presentation, practice it out loud to the point where you know it cold.  People who “wing it” end up like Icarus.

– Create an Awesome File on your phone or laptop. Any time you do something noteworthy, put it in your Awesome File. By the time your performance review comes around, you will be confident instead of anxiety-ridden. 

– Lots of companies talk about work-life balance. Few deliver on it. It’s something you take, not something they give.

I had to rehearse this speech fifty times so I wouldn’t lose it when talking about my wife.

– Before you cancel someone, consider whether you’ve ever done something stupid.

– Don’t be afraid to leave a job for a more interesting one that pays less.

– The more credit you give, the more will stick to you.

– Find out what your organization’s brand is all about. Then do your best to exemplify it.

– The day you get promoted to vice-president, your jokes will get funnier. Be wary of the people who are laughing the loudest.

– Life is too short to work for an asshole. You might feel like the money, prestige or the benefits of the job are worth putting up with abuse. They’re not.

Today, these will seem like statements of the obvious. Check back in a year. You’ll be shocked at the number of your peers who could benefit from some of them.

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