Favorite lines

Something tells me Paul McCartney knew he’d nailed it when he penned this rhyming couplet in “The End”. (Photographed at The Beatles “LOVE” Cirque du Soleil show in Las Vegas.)

Most writers know when they’ve put a good line on the page. Over the years some of the ones I’ve put in my Mitchell/Sandovan series have made me lean back and go, ‘yeah’. Here are a few of my faves:

“I’m not the hooker with the heart of gold. I’m the hooker with a safety deposit box.” – Trisha Hayward in Hook

They heard the sound of fast-flicking computer keys. It sounded like a flamenco dancer on an espresso bender. (From Ace)

Mya gave Lawrence a look that would frost-damage an orange grove. (From Grass)

Getting information from the law firm was going to be like milking rattlesnakes for their venom. (From Slice)

He swung his feet down to the threadbare carpet, which was little more than underpad with a five-o’clock shadow. (From Ace)

“Wow, that dress should be a misdemeanour,” Mitchell said.
“That would make the lingerie a felony,” Mya replied. (From Slice)