The New Mitchell Mysteries Series

Shorts that are perfect when you’ve got a few hours to kill.

Stolen History

After a politically motivated dismissal from the police force, Mitchell hangs out a shingle as a private investigator. His first case is the theft of a rare camera from a locked fifth-floor apartment. According to the owner, who lives alone, nobody even knew of the camera’s existence. Without any suspects, motive, or evidence of a break-in, Mitchell has to deduce how the million-dollar camera disappeared without a trace. 

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Killer Proposition

A peaceful morning is shattered by an active shooter on Mitchell’s office floor. When pulses return to normal, he gets an unexpected visit from a former antagonist. Eleanor Marbury-Coyne is a wealthy, entitled, acid-tongued woman whose husband is in way over his head with a ruthless loan shark. Mitchell agrees to serve as an intermediary, but in the process he is drawn into a job for the gang leader. Walking a tightrope of excruciating tension, he must track a devious online blackmailer while staying on the right side of the law.

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Coming April 14: Getting the Dirt

A new case takes Mitchell into the political arena, despite his belief that “the longer a politician has been in office, the better off we would be if they were out.” The mayor is facing a smear campaign and needs to get it under control quickly to save his career. As Mitchell investigates, he discovers something much bigger is afoot. Powerful business interests and billions of dollars are at stake, bringing ruthless tactics into play. Corruption, influence, and a real estate legacy are all up for grabs in Getting the Dirt.

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