Cast of recurring characters

In book #3, “Ace”, Mitchell has a hole in one at the 12th hole of the Jack Nicklaus-designed Manele Golf Course on the Hawaiian Island of Lanai. It’s breathtaking.

Detective Sergeant Sal Mitchell – a shrewd investigator, small arms expert, and golf fanatic. He and his partner have a driving range on the roof of their precinct building, which they created using a grant from the city for a “green” roof. They hit balls from the roof into the public gardens across the street. The rooftop is where they do some of their best thinking.

Mya Laing – Mitchell’s romantic interest. A talented ad exec who makes about ten times the money Mitchell does, but it doesn’t seem to matter to either of them. Mya is a collaborative, gifted team player, but you wouldn’t want to cross her.

Mitchell’s mother delights in using profanity to score points and throw him off his game

Detective Sergeant Eddie Sandovan – Mitchell’s partner, dedicated family man with an outspoken wife (Claire) and two kids. A lousy shot, but good golfer. “Sandman” uses his size to his advantage, on the streets and on the golf course.

Cora Mitchell – mother, successful artist, Scrabble aficionado. She often has an online Scrabble game going with Mitchell.

Peter Dunn – Mya’s boss and the owner of the ad agency where she works. Driven, rich, and will do anything to protect his company.

Captain Miles Ramsey – foul-mouthed, doesn’t suffer fools, has no time for the inane questions of reporters. The detectives know when he’s running out of patience during a news conference: Ramsey begins answering questions with “FYI”, which doesn’t mean “for your information” in his book, but rather “fuck you idiot”. The detectives in Mitchell’s squad will often lay bets on how many FYIs their captain will drop during a press conference.

Assistant District Attorney Allie Dortmunder – sharp as a straight razor, former college volleyball star who stands six-foot-six. A prosecutor that you wouldn’t want to see across the table.

Curtis and J.A. Montclair – brothers who run the largest illicit marijuana operation in the city. They have over 300 grow ops, with a legitimate business (Verdant Greenhouses) to provide the inputs and launder the money.