What the hell is a mangosteen?

When my son was a toddler and still able to be held captive in the seat of the grocery cart, he developed an appetite for exotic fruits and vegetables. 

“Dad, what’s THAT? LET’S GET IT!!!”

The weirder the better. Dragon fruit… casaba melon… You name it, he’d go for it. 

This open-mindedness influenced me the other day when I spied “mangosteen” in our local produce section. Never heard of it. Had to try it.

Turns out the mangosteen is considered “the queen of fruits”. It’s a bit weird to cut open the purple rind and see bright white fruit. The taste is a little sweet, a little sour. Very interesting.

It contains all kinds of good things, from antioxidants to fibre to xanthones. 

Mangosteen also gives you 100% of your recommended daily intake of mays. It “may” reduce your risk of cancer; may have anti-inflammatory properties; may promote weight loss; may have anti-aging properties; and may counteract some symptoms of depression. But at this price, an apple may be a better option.

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